Trek to Lohagad

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It has been quite some time since me and my friend Amol was planning a small trek but we were too lazy to implement one. Finally, after researching a lot and reading lot of the blogs we decided to go for Lohagad, which seems quite reachable for us.

About The Place

Lohagad is one of the many hill forts of Maharashtra.close to the hill station Lonavala and 52 km northwest of Pune, Lohagad rises to an elevation of 1,033 m above sea level. (source: Wikipedia)

Trek Starts

In the morning we board the Intercity from thane station and got down at Lonavala. instead of trying any options to reach the base village we boarded the local for Pune.


The journey started from Malavali station towards Lohgad fort. The climb started when we reached Bhaje Village. We saw the Bhaje Cave at the top of a hill which once again gives us the example of how talented and skilful those people were. Without diverting our minds toward the cave Lohgad fort so we continued our journey towards Lohgad.
The main trekking began after Bhaje village we came across some waterfalls on our way. We continued our walk through lush green road with many waterfalls.

 Gradually our speed started to decrease with increase in altitude (our speed ∝ 1/height). We took many halts on our way. On reaching some height we got the glimpse of the forts Visapur and Lohgad.

We were exhausted and kept on asking most of the villagers ”how much distance left to cover” and then we saw some local kids going to the village’s school (which is probably at the base of the hill) that did encourage us.

Still exhausted, but we continued the journey and we kept on asking ourselves “Why the fort built so high and how was it built”. We cursed ourselves for choosing such a crazy trip.


The good thing was that the weather was fine cloudy with “no rain”. As if the cloud was waiting to hear it from us it started drizzling. 

We then reached Lohgad village where the scenic view of the valley boosted our energy and we were relieved to see the sign of “ Lohgad”.

We got the direction of Lohgad fort from the locals. But it was not over each steps were equivalent to two steps.

With some thrilling music. We continued our trek to the fort top .After 2 hours of trekking we reached the top. We were 3450 ft above sea level.
On reaching the top we got the magnificent view of the surroundings and the valley”. The view was something worth climbing for.

We took many photos amidst the rain and started our journey back.
On reaching Lohgad village we asked shopkeeper if there were any vehicles available to reach Lonavala.

The crazy joyous adventure wouldn’t have completed in a better way as we climbed on a pickup truck (goods carrier) to get back to Lonavala.

Mission Accomplished

The adventure finally came to an end giving us a lot of crazy, fun-filled, beautiful memories and lots of Photos.

Thanks to Amol Chaturvedi , it was really an adventure with lots of fun thrill and thrill and craziness.craziness.



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