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5 Fashion Tips for Pear-Shaped Body

fashion tip for peer shaped body

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Have you been in a situation where you planned the perfect girl’s night you have always dreamed of but struggled to find that perfect outfit?

Jeans, a dress, or a leather skirt? Nothing seems like the right option!

Sometimes it’s tiring to find clothes that will flatter pear-shaped bodies (I have been there too!), and that’s why I bring to you some excellent fashion tips for a pear-shaped body.

What is a Pear-shaped Body?

Dressing up is always fun and lifts up the mood every time (and for me, this is a feel-good thing). Though there are times when it becomes too stressful, especially in the scenario that I described above. The best way to dress well is to understand and determine your body size and shape and the style you personally enjoy.

Did you know that body shapes can be divided into Apple, Pear, Rectangle, and Hourglass?

Coming to our question, a pear-shaped body is a triangular frame. When your hips are a bit bigger than your bust or shoulder, it can be said that you have a pear shape. Remember that it has nothing to do with your weight.

Let’s simplify it a little more for you. A pear shape body is when

  • Your thighs and hips are bigger than your shoulder and bust
  • You have a small bust and top half
  • You have a defined waist narrower than your hips
  • You tend to gain weight in your hip, lower stomach, and thigh region.

So, if you fit in the pear shape category, you can take the help of some of my fashion tips only for you.

How to Dress Up for a Pear-shaped Body?

It’s pretty straightforward!

As we all know by now that a pear-shaped body is narrower towards the bust and shoulder than the hips. It’s important to balance your figure by drawing attention to the top half of your body.

Are you ready for some helpful fashion tips?

1. Tops for Pear-shaped body

It’s pretty simple to find that perfect top for you, ladies! You have loads of tees, tunics, and long-sleeve tops to wear with jeans, and that too any time of the year. You can fill your wardrobe with some off-shoulder or wide neckline tops, this will balance your hip area. Pair it with a fine necklace and minimal pendant.

You can opt for some bright colour tops, and for the bottomwear could be neutral, something like beige or sage green to help your figure stay in proportion. You can also choose some statement sleeves to help draw attention, like a ruffle.

2. A-line Dresses and Skirts

The focus is on the outline of the dress than the little details. Dresses of different types flatter and emphasize different parts of your body, and an a-line dress skims the hips and high region. It doesn’t add volume to the area.

So, choosing an A-line skirt or dress for your pear-shaped body gives you major winning points. Have you watched movies/series where the bridesmaid dresses are mostly A-line?

3. Wrap Dresses

Amazing for the pear-shaped body, wrap dresses are simply flattering because of the way it highlights the narrow waistline, which looks quite elegant.

If you haven’t heard of a wrap dress, then a wrap dress comes with a front closure where you need to wrap one side across the other with a string on the back or side. It subtly enhances the shape of your body.

The wrap dress increases the focus on your bust and slims the hip area, and is the perfect fashion tip for a pear shape body. You can even pair it with deep v-neck tops to bring focus to the top half and complement the rest of the dress.

4. Pants, Shorts, and Jeans

When shopping, choose pants that are flared at the bottom because that will create a full-volume look all the way down. You can shop for jeans which has a wider ankle so that the focus is away from your hip area. The best option is to purchase dark colours and avoid skinny pants, shorts, or jeans at all costs. If you are a cargo pant lover with a pear-shaped body, I’d suggest you avoid buying anything with excess detailing.

5. Jacket and Coats

Well, who doesn’t adore a knee-length coat?! Get one with some details on the top and plain towards the bottom. Going for a belted blazer is also a great option for pear-shaped bodies, drawing focus on the waist area. Choose a neutral colour bottom.

Talking about sweaters and cardigans, purchase long ones that end below your hips because they look quite classy.

Look for accessory ideas on Pinterest or Instagram to balance the whole outfit. 

What to Avoid Wearing in a Pear-shaped Body?

If you wish to downplay your hips, you can always avoid wearing the following clothes:

  • Short skirts
  • Skinny jeans
  • Narrow shoulder tops
  • Straight skirts
  • Pencil skirts
  • Kitten Heels
  • Pants with details

So, here are my teeny-tiny but effective fashion tips for pear-shaped bodies. Share with me your day-to-day struggles and what kind of clothing you prefer.

Banner Image by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash


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