Monsoon in Mumbai: Is it the Best Season in the City?

Monsoon clouds in Marine drive

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I remember writing essays about My Favorite Season. Well, I don’t actually remember which one I used to write cause each has their pros and cons.

Mumbai is the city which doesn’t have much variation in its climate, well almost every time, except the monsoon. When the month of June arrives Mumbaikar looks impatiently towards the sky in hope of seeing dark clouds.

After a wait of almost 9 months finally, the rains arrive in Mumbai. The monsoon reaches the city during the first week of June and lasts till Mid-September.

Yes, people living in Mumbai really waits for the season, although there is a high probability that the rain would be heavy enough to submerge most part of the city.

The reason to love Monsoon in Mumbai

Rain brings much-needed respite from the hot and humid summer, bringing down the temperature to great extent.
Sun gets hidden by the dark grey clouds and the hills of the city start getting green.

Weekend Gateways Gets Prettier

Mumbai is surrounded by hills and sea. As the monsoon returns to the city the beauty returns to hills. The hills once again get back their beautiful green cover and waterfalls starts to appear as the monsoon progresses.
Hill stations like Khandala, Lonavala and Matheran becomes more beautiful.

lohagad monsoon

Mumbai is surrounded with stunning hill stations and beautiful beaches. And rain adds a dash of beauty to all these amazing places. Mumbai Monsoons are just the perfect time to sneak away with friends to Lonavala, Khandala, Matheran or Panchgani.

Beauty within the City

Marine Drive, perhaps the most popular places in the city, the marine drive gets prettier as one can enjoy light drizzle and enjoy the view of the great city getting eclipsed by large clouds. One can get the similar views near the gateway of India.

gateway of india in monsoon

Kanheri Caves, situated inside Borivali national park, the hills. Not just the greenery returns but, as the monsoon progresses the hill caves starts getting its own small waterfalls.

The Band Stand, though popular among couples gets prettier as one can enjoy the tides and rain.

One can visit the Pandavkada waterfalls in Navi Mumbai or can enjoy a beautiful view of the Powai lake. Or go for a walk in any of the beaches.

Pandavkada Waterfall

Aksa Beach Walk Monsoon

Go for a Long Drive

The best thing one can do in monsoon is to go out for a long ride and enjoy the rain. Places which like the Aarey colony in Western Suburb or Kharghar, Belapur in Navi Mumbai is the better option. As both the sites get greener with the rain. However, one has to be cautious in doing it as the rain intensity can change at any time and one can easily get stuck in the traffic for long hours

Foods get Tastier

Bhutta, means ‘Corn’ or ‘Maize’ is one of the popular food during the monsoon which can be easily found in popular tourist places. Cutting chai and Hot Kanda Bhaji or vada paw or bhelpuri or paw bhaji gets tastier with the change in climate.

Monsoon unites Mumbaikar

During heavy rain, the transports come to a halt, even sometimes the lifeline of Mumbai the Mumbai local trains fail to work. Many people get stuck on the roads but then when we can see people coming out to help the stranded people, providing food and temporary shelters.

Summing up Monsoon in Mumbai

Rainy season or Monsoon in Mumbai is one of the perhaps the best seasons in the city, it may be annoying sometimes, as it slows the traffic. Even the Mumbai local trains start running late. It is advisable to carry rainwear, an umbrella may be a waterproof bag(waterproof cover), and a rainy shoe preferably to stay safe from the downpour.

Monsoon is sometimes annoying but at the same time, it can be quite fun. The rains bring joy to people of all ages, and they also bring unity among the people.

Mumbai is the city that never sleeps but it’s the rain which can bring this mega city to halt. So, in short, we can say the Monsoon in Mumbai can be said as nature’s gift for the residents as well as a test for them. It will give you relief from the summer’s heat whereas it can disturb your activities. But despite all its ups and down most of the people loves the season and perhaps will keep on doing so.



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