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12 Popular Varieties of Mangoes in India

mangoes in india

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Mangoes are undeniably the king of fruits and one of the best places where you can get mangoes is definitely India. There are 12 best and famous varieties of mango in India and today we are going to discuss about the same. Running from north to south, the Indian soil is like a manufacturing unit of mangoes which is why you would like to have the taste of each and every variety.

Here are 12 Popular Varieties of Mangoes in India

1. Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango

Among mangoes this is the best of the lot with an amazing taste and it is found in the the area of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra. It is also known as Hafoos and it is expensive as well. It is absolutely right Orange or Golden yellow in colour, and is distributed all over India as well as exported in the other parts of the globe. It is one of the very first mangoes which has been able to achieve the geographical indication tag.

2. Kesar Mango

This is a specific variety of mango Which is found in the Junagarh area of Gujarat. It is a bright Orange coloured mango that Rose specifically at the foothills of the Girnar range of mountains. Not only it is absolutely delicious but it is also one of the most expensive variety that you can find in mangoes. Also another impressive fact about it is that it has been able to receive the geographical indication status in the year 2011.

3. Banganapalle Benishan Mango

Benishan mango is also called Banganpalle and it is found in the Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh. It is absolutely 70 kilometres in the South District of Pune and it is also known as the king of mangoes in South India. It has got registration of the geographical indication and is very famous in and around South India.

4. Dasheri  Mango

The Shady mango is mostly found in the Lucknow district of Uttar Pradesh and it is an amazing mango with delicious taste and mesmerizing fragrance. District is one of the largest producers of Dussehra mango in the North India section. District also produces some other varieties of mango like jouhari, safeda, chausa and fazli. The dasheri mango comprises of beautiful flavour which is why it becomes popular.

5. Badami Mango

Badami mangoes are also known as the Alphonso of Karnataka and is one of the most amazing mangoes that has been able to gain popularity in the southern part of India. This is the best kind of mango that you can have in order to make mango milkshake. It is expensive but also tasty.

6. Langra Mango

Langra mango are grown in Banaras and is one of the best kind of mangoes for slicing and Canning purposes. These are mostly green or lemon yellow in colour and they appear when the mango season is almost going. This is one of the best mangoes that is distributed all across the country and is mind-bogglingly tasty.

7. Chaunsa Mango

 Chausa or Chaunsa mangoes is very popular in the Northern part of India and also Central India but its production area is Uttar Pradesh. Decision of this kind of mangoes starts from June and remains till the month of August. Dosa is very tasty and can be used to be eaten raw or in milkshakes.

8. Totapuri Mango

Totapuri mango has a very weird shape because it is large in size and is greenish yellow in colour. It is grown specifically in South India and the inner part of Karnataka. It is not only distributed all over India but is also exported to other parts of the globe.

9. Fazli or Malda Mango

Fazli mango and Malda mango is mostly grown in West Bengal and the state of Bihar in India. This kind of mango is eaten raw as well as used in jams and pickles. It is a very special variety of mango and large in size. It is grown mostly for commercial purpose and exported all across the world.

10. Himsagar Mango

Himsagar mango is mostly originated in Murshidabad in the state of West Bengal and also in some parts of Orissa. It is ranked among one of the top five varieties of mangoes in India and is one of the best kind that you will ever have. It is mostly round in shape and greenish-yellow in colour with an amazing flavour.

11. Raspuri Mango

This is mostly and oval shaped mango Which is absolutely juicy and delicious and looks different from other kinds of mangoes. If himsagar and Alphonso are the king of mangoes then this is the queen of mangoes in India. They are reddish in colour in the upper half and greenish in the lower half.

12. Neelam Mango

This is the kind of mango Which grows in a number of areas of India and is found in plenty in the month of June. This kind of mangoes are an absolute favourite in the area of Hyderabad and it is one of the most popular varieties of mango in South India.

Summing Up

Now that you have complete insight about the 12 of the best varieties of mangoes in India, all you have to do is to start collecting them right away so that you can have an assortment of dishes using these. Most of them can be eaten raw and you can also make pickles and other things out of them. So enjoy this summer season with these amazing kinds of mangoes and have the best of mango eating experience!


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