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Christmas in Kolkata – Unique Attractions of Kolkata during Christmas

Park Street Christmas Kolkata

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Kolkata which is termed as the city of joy turns into an absolute beauty queen when it comes to the Christmas season especially if we talk about the park street area. It is amazing how the entire Kolkata looks during Christmas even though it is not their national festivals. If you are planning to go to Kolkata during the winter season or even if you are residing there when you do have to make sure of the fact that you do not miss out on any of the Unique attractive activities that happens during Christmas in Kolkata. Today we are going to produce a list of attractions in Kolkata that is a must to do and should be in your bucket list to be done once in a lifetime.

Visiting Park Street

Park Street Christmas

Christmas and Park Street absolutely interwoven and the synonyms to each other. It is complete with a flurry of colourful lights and live performances at some of the best bars and pubs especially Allen Park. Alan pardew is specifically known for its extravagant food and also the food years in which you can get amazing items in order to satisfy your taste buds. If you are completely in love with the Kolkata crowd then you will definitely be able to love this place. Not only that it is complete with loud amusing music and songs and it also sells delightful Christmas goodies. While you are visiting Park Street you will never understand when the time has gradually passed by and you have already covered midnight. If you are in Kolkata right now then you have to definitely stay back till Christmas so that you do not miss out on any of the celebrations at the Gala festivities that happens in this area.

Visiting all the Bakeries & Eminent Restaurants

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You don’t have to give the wine the fruit and the plum cakes at least for once. Not only that you also get Christmas special buffet at various places which are amazing in taste. But if you do want to Grab one of those lunches and dinners you do have to make sure that you have made an advance booking so that you can munch on this special delicacies and once you do that you will be left asking for more. Try to find out some of the best restaurants to have at least one lunch and one dinner during the Christmas season. some of the best restaurants but you can have a Barbeque Nation, Peter cat, Flurys and lots more. If possible try to have brunch at Flurys and it will definitely be an unforgettable memory for you.

Visiting the Saint Paul’s Cathedral Kolkata

St Paul Cathedral Kolkata

Did you know that this is one of the largest churches in Kolkata and is a very reputed one in entire Asia. The best thing that you can do during Christmas is definitely to visit this Cathedral at least for once which holds the Midnight mass accompanied by music that is performed by children along with choirs and carols. in the eve of Christmas the church is beautifully decorated with the idols of Jesus Mother Mary and Joseph in order to celebrate the birth of Christ. it is beautifully decked up with Christmas trees, light, silver bells, and streamers and it also has a grand celebration on every 25th December. it is open for each and every individual and people from different shapes like Hindus and Muslims visit discharge to find their inner serenity and composure. being in Kolkata and not visiting the cathedral at least for once my turn out to be a major blunder.

A visit to the Bow Barracks

Did you know that Christmas was the time when bow barracks used to change its beauty for a better version. It is one of those places which will definitely bring out your Christmas moods and will definitely help you enjoy to the fullest. Here you can have people singing hymns and carols. the residents of this place are very lively and they come up with a number of traditional food stalls, so that you can drab ethnic food. People from all parts of Kolkata come here in order to participate enthusiastically in the Christmas festivities. it is an unique fact that this place is bound to give you and anglo-indian flavour and you will definitely love the Ambience of this place. If you are here in Kolkata for the Christmas you definitely do have to go for visiting the bow barracks at least for once

Participate in the Christmas Parties

Christmas without a Christmas party is an absolute incomplete festivity. there are a number of pubs and clubs which most Grand parties so that every individual can enjoy to a great extent. Yo you can have native as well as foreign performers which will give you the experience of a lifetime. The nightclubs hire the best of the DJs, so that you can live your life in the most amazing manners for a few days. in all these pubs and nightclubs you can eat drink and have gossip sessions with your friends and family while you sway to them dazzling music. Try to visit at least one pub or nightclub during the Christmas season so that you can actually have an experience of the Kolkata nightlife.

In a nutshell all that we can see that Kolkata is one of the amazing places to be in during the Christmas season and it gives a number of activities to the residents in order to celebrate the birth of Christ in the most excellent manner. Try to get a hold of every single party spots and restaurants in Kolkata which are highly rated so that your 25th December doesn’t go Bland. Kolkata definitely knows how to celebrate any festival and especially when it is something like Christmas this city is incomparable. Try to have the best out of it while you can.


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