A Trek that Never Completed

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When Friday comes it is quite eminent that friends and colleagues start making a plan for a weekend program or trip which most often gets failed but works sometimes. One of the few time it worked for me. As for me and my friend planned to go for a trek; an easier one.

So, we started researching a lot on websites and in the end, we decided to go for  Garbett Point(Near Matheran) which is quite nearer to the city(Mumbai) and the trek was considerably easy.

Garbett point is on the South-west side of Matheran that gives a grand view of the plateau. So accordingly, we planned to start early from home.

But the weather outside was too pleasant which made me inseparable from my bed. But still motivating myself I called my friend in a hope to delay the start and I was successful as he wanted to delay it too.

So instead of 7am, we started our journey from Thane at 11am. Unfortunately, there was no train for Karjat; a railway station on the Central line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. so we board Badlapur local which is a station on way to Bhivpuri which is on the Karjat route.

On reaching there we came to know that the next train for Karjat is approx after 1 hr. So instead of waiting, we decided to take some alternative. The first choice was auto. So one of my friends inquired about the price and all we heard was 80 rs which were an offer we can’t reject. But 80 was too less so was it 80 per person. This really kept on confusing us. Further asking the auto driver he said 500 and we were socked but we can’t get down now as it would be embarrassing and also we were quite far away from the station.

As we were passing through the lush green road we were laughing at ourselves and to add more laughter to it we saw the Karjat local overtaking us. We reached Bhivpuri at around 2pm. So we got confused whether to start the trek at 2 pm, as many trekkers were returning back

But still seeing some other guys moving towards the trekking point made us motivated and we started moving.

Following the reliable Google Map and taking occasional help from the local guide we continued our walk. After walking some distance we came across a huge lake which is Dhoom lake. On the side of which many are clicking photos.

IMG_5899 - Copy
The rain’s intensity was varying sometimes drizzling sometimes heavy and with a raincoat and holding an umbrella it was becoming quite difficult to counter both rain and wind.

The road was less muddy and more slippery. On staring at the top we could see the dark cloud moving from the mountain which was giving us some scare. By the time we reach the base a local told was it would take 3hrs 30mins to get to Garbett Point.

So we started discussing whether to continue the trek. But in the end, we decided to enjoy the lovely view of the Dhoom Lake and reach home early to enjoy Premier League.

That might have impacted the rain god and he smiled upon us with sunshine. I guess it was a peaceful place and the beauty was scenic.


After sometimes, we started heading back to the railway station and on our way, we went into a local restaurant where we eat some light snacks and then returned to Bhivpuri Station to return back to Mumbai.

A Trek to Garbett Point or better to say a trek towards Garbett Point that Never Completed. We returned back to our home with a promise to complete the trek next time.


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