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Best Things to do in Dubai Mall

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Dubai and shopping go hand in hand, and when you have one of the largest malls in the world right in the city, shopping is definitely on top of the agenda. But the sprawling Dubai Mall is not just a place for retail therapy but is also a one-stop destination for entertainment and fun. With an array of things to do in this place – from huge ice rinks to massive aquariums and striking fountains, it may be a little overwhelming for visitors to choose from these activities. So, let’s take a look at all the highlights in this colossal mall.

Top Things to do in a Dubai Mall

Human Waterfall

The stunning human fall sculpture spans the four levels of the mall. A significant highlight of these cylindrical waterfalls is the striking pearl divers’ sculpture that pays homage to the region’s rich past. The sculpture is 24 meters high and 30 meters in diameter and is made of fiberglass. It is the perfect Instagram-worthy spot in the mall, and the sheer beauty of it will leave you speechless. 

VR Park

VR Park offers an exciting virtual reality and augmented reality experience in Dubai. The theme park consists of various rides and experiences spanning genres such as thrill, leisure, horror, sports, adventure, and action. It blurs the lines between perception and reality, offering an out-of-the-world experience to its visitors. It consists of more than 25 attractions, including Burj Drop, Dubai Drone, Plummet, APE-X, The Raft, and The Walking Dead or VR Outbreak. It is the best place for thrill-seekers, and it promises to take you on an exhilarating adventure.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

You can see the enormous tank of the aquarium as soon as you enter the mall. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s most extensive acrylic panel. It houses over 33000 marine animals across 140 species. You can see sharks, stingrays, piranhas, sea horses, water rats, jellyfish, and a terrifying King crocodile. It is a fantastic place to experience the mysterious underwater world and learn about these fascinating creatures. You can book sessions such as cage snorkeling, ray encounters, or feed the sharks. Visiting this breathtaking aquarium is one of the best things to do in the mall. 

Ice Skating Rink

This Olympic-size skating rink provides you an ideal place to cool off from the sweltering Dubai heat. Whether you are an amateur or a professional skater, this place offers you the chance to indulge in some relaxed and fun ice skating. It uses up-to-date technology to maintain the temperature and ice consistency. You can take a break and enjoy arcade games at the chill-out zones and try some refreshments at the concession food counters in between your ice-skating sessions. You can rent out this place for birthday parties and events and enjoy a Disco session here too. It is extremely safe, and you can rent out all the gears from there itself. 


Hysteria transports you to a world of ghosts and zombies and is an excellent place for horror-movie lovers and adrenaline-junkies. As you walk through the dark passages with dim lights, you are in for terrifying encounters, ghostly figures, and hair-raising moments. The experience lasts for around 15 minutes, but it is enough to give you some spine-chilling moments. This place is definitely not one for the faint-hearted. 


KidZania Dubai Mall offers a great learning experience for the kids combined with fun and entertainment. It replicates a mini city where the streets are dotted with banks, fire stations, shops, and restaurants. Kids get an opportunity to role-play various kinds of adult professions such as doctors, teachers, pilots, journalists, firefighters, chefs, astronauts, and bankers. They can select from over 80 activities and also get a sneak-peek into their adult life. They even get paid in KidZania currency that can be redeemed at the stores inside. Another impressive attraction is the KidZania Space Center, where kids can learn about the universe using different simulated attractions.

Emirates A380 Stimulator

Here is your chance to become a pilot for a while and fly a plane solo. It has a replica of a real plane cockpit with a cutting-edge simulator, and you can fulfill your dream of flying a plane. You can select from one of 12 busy airports and take the help of an instructor to improve your navigation and earn points. It lasts for approximately 30 minutes, and this activity will surely make you feel on top of the world!

Reel Cinemas

Watch all the latest blockbuster movies at one of the largest cinemas in the Middle East. You can find every type of modern movie-going experience from ScreenX, Dine-in to 4D, and Platinum Suites. Having more than 26 screens, this cinema provides a truly luxurious and comfortable experience to its visitors. It is a great place for movie buffs, and the dine-in option while watching movies takes the entire experience to another level. 

Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is known to be the most extensive choreographed fountain system globally. It shoots over 22,000 gallons of water to a height of more than 500 feet from the ground. Located on the glittering Burj Lake with the magnificent Burj Khalifa forming the perfect background, the Dubai Fountain is a gorgeous spectacle of music, water, and lights. It takes place every 30 minutes from 6 in the evenings with Arabian, classical or international music playing in the background. You can witness this beautiful fountain from many locations, such as the Waterfront Promenade outside Dubai Mall and the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk. But to catch the most fabulous view, it is better to book an ‘Abra’ ride on the lake and enjoy it from there. 

Print 3D candy at Candylicious

One of the most fun activities for kids in the Dubai Mall is to print 3D candy at Candylicious. The largest store in the Middle East allows you to make candies in different flavors as per your choice. You can see kids and even adults drooling over the delicious treats made in front of them. It is a great place to find candies, chocolates, sweets, and lollipops in various colors, shapes, and sizes. This place’s highlight is the lollipop tree, where you can see the chocolates hanging from the branches and trunks and spot the Candylicious Airplane taking off above your heads. 

Dubai Dino

Take a step back in time and get transported to the pre-historic era. Say hello to the majestic fossil of the 155 million-plus years old dinosaur. Affectionately known as the ‘Dubai Dino,’ this mammoth fossil is as authentic as it gets. It is considered one of the mall’s major attractions and is around 24 meters long and 7 meters tall. This spectacular creature provides a complete contrast to the opulent and modern surroundings of the mall. 


As you see, the Dubai Mall is a complete entertainment package, and there is never a dull moment here. It is a great place to relish some lip-smacking food as well and shop to your heart’s content. But if food and shopping are no on your agenda, there is still plenty to do here on your Dubai holidays

Featured Image Courtesy: Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash


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