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The Best Theme based Eateries in Kolkata


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Kolkata is not only the city of joy but it is also a Paradise for the food lovers as well. It is one such place where the Bengali foodies can bring upon strike on a trivial matter of not having aloo in their biryani. So it is a definite thing that this city will comprise of some of the best eateries in the entire nation. And the most unique part about it is that many of the restaurants provide a platform where art and food go in hand. Some of the restaurants in Kolkata are theme based, so that’s not only you will be in awe with their food but you will also be mesmerized with the kind of artwork that each of these places possesses.

The best theme based restaurants in Kolkata


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The name itself sounds Imperial right? This is because as the name suggests it is one of the best places where you can have dishes that can be traced back to the Mughal empire. This place has been brilliantly decorated with large chandeliers and intricate tapestries so that it can bring out the royal look, and give you the feeling of his majesty. There is a constant flow of Thumri playing in the background which goes at par with the decorations and the Ambience created is therefore absolutely serene and composed. If you are in Kolkata you should definitely not miss out on this place especially during the Durga Puja. It has two branches located in Deshapriya Park and salt lake and the pocket pinch for 2 is approximately INR1000. If you are going to this place do not miss out on the biryani and the mutton Irani.

Santa’s Fantasea

Santa's Fantasea Kolkata
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Did you ever wish to have the essence of tribal food in the heart of Kolkata itself? Will you can consider your wish to be true as because Santa’s fantasea will help you to have the exact experience. Situated at prominent spots like Golpark and Salt Lake it provides delicious Indian tribal cuisine accompanied by ecstatic seafood. Once you step into this place you will be left drooling with the kind of food that is being served over there. The Ambience of the place has been given an exact tribal effect buy carving tribal in cravings and having bamboo chairs. Be sure that you have ordered the bansa pora chicken or mutton, which is meat grilled in a tribal manner with rich spices. The pocket pinch for 2 is approximately INR 1200, and the food is absolutely worth the money.

The Pirates Deck

Pirates Deck Kolkata
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We can bet on the fact that every time you saw Pirates of the Caribbean you felt like going to the place all by yourself. Now, what if we told you that you could do that while having your lunch or dinner? Located in Paddapukur, this is one of the best theme based restaurants that you can ever find the heart of Kolkata. Once you step in here you will feel a bit Spooky because of a number of skeletons and the Stormy designs. It also has a Dungeon like a cabin where you can see the chains dangling so that it gives you the absolute pirate feel. Here you can have the best sandwiches and salads and even though this is a bit pricey the quality of the Suite the Ambience and the behaviour of the staff is worth the price. The seating arrangement of this place is absolutely amazing for the youngsters to engage in and that is the reason why you should not miss out on the amazing quality of pizza that this place delivers. 

Fly Kouzina

Fly Kouzina Salt Lake Kolkata
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Now that you have already had the experience of travelling on the Royal Express while dining, why not have the experience of flight dining while being on the land itself? This restaurant has been brought up in Salt Lake Sector 1 so that it can give an unconventional look to the eatery. Once you step into this place you will feel that this restaurant has been designed by the best of the professionals and it looks exactly like the interiors of an international flight. So you can order the best of Continental North Indian, as well as the Chinese food and the costing, is absolutely reasonable. Here the approximate pocket pinch for 2 people is INR 1100. Even the menu card is something to look forward to as it looks just like an aeroplane window with the name of the dishes printed on it. 

Kaidi Kitchen

Kaidi Kitchen Kolkata
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This is one of the best dineout places which have been able to break the shackles of convention as far as interior decoration is concerned. This is because of the fact that as its name suggests it has the surroundings of a Dungeon cell. The word Kaidi means captive in English and you will definitely be encaptivated by the quality of food that you get in here. It is located in Camac street area of Central Kolkata and has been rated as the best restaurants buy all the foodies who have visited this place at least for once. Everything about this place is unique and even the waiters are here with the dress of prisoners. Every cubicle is covered with a cell-like structure so that you will feel like a Prisoner yourself while having lunch or dinner in here. The pocket Pinch of this place is no less than INR 1000 for 2 people but the service and food are absolutely awesome. 


machaan kolkata
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Are you in complete love with the Lion King? If so then you would definitely like this restaurant because the seating arrangements of this place are covered with a dark Jungle like experience.  Here you will just look like Simba looking forward to exploring the jungle. This is a famous spot which is situated at the Mani Square Mall as well as the Avani Riverside Mall. Do not miss out on the best north Indian cuisine that you will be able to get here. This place has a very Spooky feeling and you would definitely want to visit it at least for once. This is a great dining place which you should not miss out on and going there with your friends or family is an absolute must. Once you go there you will be absolutely addicted to this place so eat and drink and have a delightful time in here.

In a nutshell, all we have to say is that all these eateries have been brought up by Brilliant founders and these are places where passion meets creativity. If you are in Kolkata right now make sure but you do not miss any of these places.


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