A Memorable Wet Weekend

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It was a rainy Saturday, heavy downpour since morning; I was convinced that our plan has to be cancelled, but a glimpse of hope was seen as the shower stopped at noon just before our planned schedule.

We(me and my brother) had planned for a weekend trip into some of the popular places in the city with the aim of finding new cover and profile photos.

We along with our equipment which includes mobile phone and a camera(bit faulty but has a brilliant lens) marched from our home and as it was decided we took a ferry. We reached Bagbazaar ferry ghat, it seems someone was waiting for us to reach there that someone is the rain which had stopped earlier; no shed and windy due to river Hooghly and it was certainly difficult to protect yourself from such “windy rain” plus giving shed to 4 people under your umbrellas.

The rain’s intensity substantially reduced when we came under the shed of the ferry(boat) and settled for a good place almost at the tip of the ferry.Nice place to captured some photos. But wind directed the rain towards us and we got unsurprisingly wet. Despite opening umbrella under the shed of the ferry we were wet.


We reached the Howrah ghat and planned to walk to Mallick ghat flower market. Don’t know whether it was a nice idea to go. As soon as we entered the market our feet got soaked in the mud which did divert our mind from the flower market. I don’t intend to describe much about mud.


As the mud was really soft; one can easily understand what would have happened to our feet.
Walking few meters we reached the Mallick ghat and got the beautiful view of Howrah bridge and Howrah station. At last some new profile photos and cover photos on Facebook.

With two minds whether to go to Princep Ghat or Victoria memorial, we walked out from the market to reach MG Road.


We went out to MG road and planned to go to Victoria Memorial. It was nice weather then; cloudy but no rain. Spending some time we decided to have some dinner.


This time we were completely trapped, yes completely trapped by the rain and wind. No umbrella can defeat this duo and of course, they did win this time. We were completely drenched.

We managed to arrive at the restaurant whose name I won’t mention, but I can say it makes pizza. We were hungry and we ordered a meal for two. And we were told that the order would take 15 minutes; at least that’s what I heard.

We generally give less importance to places and people nearer to us, unfortunately, I think it was proved this time. We were sitting nearest to the kitchen however we had to wait 55 minutes to get our main course and other courses.

It was almost 8 and we were tired and wet; more than our umbrella.So we headed back to our home after spending a wet and memorable weekend.


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