5 Indian Cities You Cannot Miss Out on Visiting During Christmas

places to visit in india during christmas

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When things appear lit and sweet in the midst of cosy weather; when you can hear the sleigh and tingling bells around you, you know for sure that the Christmas celebration is about to begin. And what perfect excuse for the adventure freaks inside you waiting for the winter holidays eagerly, getting your backpacks ready, putting your trekking shoes on and dashing your boarding tickets!

While the sun claims Indian beaches, the snow captures the northern part, the southern half blooms in pleasant and effortless charm, and the plains in India also enter one of the best seasons, making it easy for tourists to travel.

Away from the scorching heat, Xmas and the new year is the perfect time if you are willing to go on long treks, visit historical sites, beaches, deserts, mountains, you name it! Looking at your enthusiasm, I have compiled a list of Indian cities to get you moving and exploring:

But First… Why Prefer Visiting During Christmas?

survey conducted in December 2020 revealed that 60 per cent of people were willing to travel to beaches or hills to spend their winter holidays.

Christmas, undoubtedly, is one of the most epic and fun-filled times of the year. The top-notch enthusiasm, the enticing decorations, and the holiday spirits among the natives and tourists are comparatively high.

You can witness the beautiful light, music, and festive cheer right from the mesmerizing northeastern states to Thar, from the breathtaking beauty of Ladakh to the serene beaches of Kanyakumari. Visitors, like you, can enjoy the pomp and the fanfare anywhere they go.

To experience the best time of the year, Christmas it is!


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The year 2022 is coming to an end, and you deserve a holiday. A city located in the northwestern part of the country in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer or the golden city, sits first on our list of must-visit tourist spots in India during Christmas, New Year or simply winters.

The sand dunes and Havelis of Jaisalmer, the ornamental temples and the adventurous activities give you an unforgettable experience. Enclosed with the wonderful handicraft market, the city for sure will take you back in the timeline, giving you the essence of Indian heritage and culture.

During Christmas, the entire city evokes a magical feel, weaving the natives and tourists together. You get to experience the Desert Festival, which comes alive with music, laughter, colours, camel rides, artists, dancers, puppet shows, and so much more.

You can witness the locals dressed up in costumes, singing and dancing, depicting the rich culture and colour of Rajasthan.

The enchanting feel, spectacular sites, and traditions are worth it!

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Find yourself amidst the hills and streams, the soothing smell of coffee, and a beautiful amalgamation of luxury, history, and mouth-watering food only in Coorg. Situated along the western ghats, the jaw-dropping scenery shouldn’t be missed out on, especially during Christmas.

If you are a coffee connoisseur or an enthusiastic nature lover, the Scotland of India has plenty of things to do at Christmas that every traveller will enjoy.

Tourists can go camping when in Coorg to unwind amidst the greenery and the lap of mother nature. Trekking or hiking is another fabulous option in Kodachadri, Tadiandamol, Mullayanagiri, Kumara Parvatha, and Brahmagiri. Here, winter is the ideal time to trek.

For all Jeep safaris lovers, waiting to explore the wild side, Coorg offers you a breathtaking landscape to be discovered, and the hills offer spectacular views. One can also witness the captivating Mallalli waterfalls and enjoy their time watching the beauty of nature.

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If you are in Meghalaya by any chance during Christmas and wondering what to do, then let us give you a quick sneak peek!

Christmas is the best time to visit Shillong. The offbeat destination is lit up with beautifully decorated Christmas trees placed at every corner. It’s true, Shillong comes to life during Christmas and New Year.

Some must-visit places include Rainbow Falls, Double Decker Living Roots Bridge, Krang Suri Waterfalls, and Shnongpdenge.

If you are looking to celebrate Christmas here, then head over to the many churches in Shillong, like the Shillong Catholic Cathedral. This, and many more churches in the city, are flocked with devotees throughout the day, conducting masses and prayers. Later, you can quench your shopping thirst by heading to Laitumkhrah street for some Christmas purchasing.

Enjoy the lit candles, carols, and crackers this winter!

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When you are in the city of joy during Christmas, you simply cannot miss out on the delicacies and the sweets!

The streets of Kolkata are famous for their charm. On visiting Kolkata during Christmas, you can notice the sprawling gardens, engineering marvels, lights and decorations that make the city more happening.

The mild winter that the city experiences around this time of year are an indication for the tourists to book their tickets and enjoy. Christmas in Kolkata is full of festive cheer and extravaganzas.

Hit up the fascinating streets, attend midnight masses, head for some cake and wine and go for some shopping!

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So, you thought we would miss out on Goa?

Nothing short of a carnival, visiting Goa during Christmas means enjoying and exploring the picturesque beaches, midnight masses, late-night beach and club parties, majestic forts, and, of course, shopping from local markets.

When in Goa during Christmas, you cannot miss out on the local bakeries offering mouth-watering desserts. 

This time in Goa, the weather is surely alluring, the beaches sing in melancholy, and the waves become playful. Christmas is one of the most important festivals of Goa and is celebrated with the greatest enthusiasm.

Visiting Goa during Christmas, you can indulge in a river cruise in Mandovi, go for a Christmas feast or bike rides, and enjoy to the fullest in the Sunburn festivals.

Temperature – 22°C/ 33°C

Celebrating Christmas in India is so much more than just what you may think. Get your travel tickets ready, put aside your laptop, hit the road, and dive into the world of colours, carnival, and cakes!

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