Best Weekend Monsoon Destinations from Kolkata

Kolkata Monsoon

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Kolkata is a city with amazing diversity and when it comes to destinations you will be able to get numerous getaway spots to enjoy in the monsoon. Even if you are completely new to the city you did not worried because today we are going to talk about some of the best getaways for the monsoon that is close to Kolkata so that you can have a surreal Experience by visiting each of these places. Now without beating around the bush let’s sneak a peek at these destinations.


This is one of the most exclusive destinations that is placed near Kolkata and it comprises of a magnanimous blue water body which is income passed by forest as well as beautiful landscapes. It is the amalgamation of two rivers namely Kumari and Kangsabati and it is in Bankura district of West Bengal which is mostly visited by picnic enthusiasts. It has a dam which is 11 kilometres long and you will also be able to spot some of the birds and spotted deer as well. If you love trekking then you will also be able to visit the Parshwanath Hill.


We know that it is a very common destination but try visiting it during the monsoon season and you will love this place even more. It is not a very crowded place and it is a beautiful beach located in West Bengal. It is recommended that you visit this place when the rainfall is slightly on the lighter side and here you can find the number of resources us to spend luxurious leisure time. The water body and the launch of the resort will give you the experience that you have been craving for.


It is located in the cold belt of India and it is located on the banks of the Barakar river close to Kolkata. It is also rendered as the Kashmir of Koyelanchal and it has a reserve and Dam which is the largest one built by Damodar Valley Corporation of India. It is mostly known for its beauty and serenity and it is an absolute treat for the eyes during the monsoon season. From here you will be able to go to the nearby attractions which include the Chammach Pahad or the spoon Island, and also the Kalyaneshwari temple and Deer Park.


If you really want to know about the beauty of the forest areas during the monsoon season then this is the perfect place that you could ever go for. It is located in the plains of West Bengal and it is a collaboration of the cultures of Jharkhand as well as West Bengal. It is very close to the city of Calcutta and here the monsoon show diversity as well as marvellous scenic beauty. Here you will be able to witness the change of colours in the forest area and the blooming flowers from the beautiful hill ranges of Belpahari and Kankrajhor. You can also see the beauty of it ki Falls because it is at its prime during the rainy season.

Diamond Harbour

It is located on the banks of the Hugli river and it is a part of West Bengal where the Hooghly river meets the Bay of Bengal. It is an exclusive picnic spot and many of the tourists visit this place during the monsoon season to visualise the scenic beauty of the place. Here you can spend hours watching the sunset and the sunrise and there are a number of historical evidence for you to explore as well if you are bored. Try visiting this place with your partner and we are sure that you will never be disappointed.


This is a tiny beach town which is situated on the south of West Bengal and is not a crowded place which is why you would love the composure. It has a beautiful serene atmosphere and is one of the best weekend getaways during the monsoon season from Kolkata. Here you will be able to see the crabs moving Away on the beach and also explore the forest areas. If you love boating, then you can also indulge in the same but make sure that it is during the lighter rainy season. it is a place with images of natural beauty and you would love to spend some time over here with your family during the rainy season.


If you want to visit a place with absolute peace and serendipity then you would definitely like to visit Bakreshwar at least for once because it is located very close to the city of joy. It has all the beautiful elements that you would ask for including the little Hills valleys as well as the forests. You can even explore and find hot springs which are absolutely therapeutic in nature along with the Shiva temple that is a very popular place of visit. If you feel like you can also visit Shantiniketan as it is very close to Bakreswar

Now that you know about some of the best places that you could visit during the monsoon season it is high time that you started planning with your friends and family. Try visiting any one of these spots and you will not get back disappointed. The monsoon season is something to look forward to especially when you have plans of visiting such amazing mind-boggling places


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