7 Monsoon Travel Hacks for Your Next Trip

Monsoon Travel Hacks

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We all know for a fact that travelling is an incredible opportunity to widen our perspective and lend the wings of our imagination to pierce into the unknown. Most of us are fond of travelling, especially capturing the breathtakingly beautiful nature that surrounds us. And what better alternative to relieve stress from the humdrum of daily life?

Travelling is a blessing.

From planning the entire itinerary to finally hitting the road and exploring places, you feel a lot better when you travel. However, it becomes quite challenging for people to travel during the monsoon season when the roads become less favourable.

The good news is – we have compiled a monsoon travel hack for you!

If you are excited and travel-ready this monsoon season, then nobody can stop you from gearing up for your next trip with these monsoon travel hacks.

So, let’s get started!

What Are Some Smart Monsoon Travel Hacks?

You may be creating a checklist of items to carry on your next monsoon getaway. Here, we have assembled all the necessary commodities you need to have for a fun-filled trip. Pack your bags and get ready!

  1. Choosing Destination Wisely

The first and foremost rule for travelling during the rainy season is to choose the destination wisely, or you literally end up regretting your decision. If you are planning to visit mountainous or hilly regions during monsoon season you should reconsider. Landslides and floods are common occurrences in such areas. To be on the safe side, it’s best to research your destination and ensure that it is at all travel-worthy.

  1. Packing and Weather

Your packing mantra is here, and it’s quite easy. Pack your belongings according to the purpose of your travel. For example, if it’s monsoon season, you must take some casual outfits, floral dresses, and sweatshirts. Furthermore, you have to be cautious as to where you are heading this monsoon season, whether it’s a hill station, beachside, visiting a religious place, or exploring historical architecture, you have to carry what will best complement the weather and the place. Hence, review these points before packing your luggage.

  1. Covering Electronics

The work-from-home culture has been a boon for travel enthusiasts. Open any of your social media accounts, and you will find reels and videos of people posting how they are working on their laptops while travelling (and finally finding a balance!). Make sure your backpack carrying laptop, tablet, camera, and clothes is waterproof when travelling during the monsoon season. Also, an umbrella, raincoat, and boots will save you from getting drenched and damaging your valuables.

  1. Health and Precaution

The fourth monsoon travel hack is to prioritise your health. When the weather changes, your health may be at risk. It is crucial to take precautions against monsoon ailments. To avoid these problems, you should carry with you enough water and food. You should also try to eat from clean sources when possible.

  1. Some Have-musts

One thing to be included in our helpful and practical travel essentials would be to pack our bags smartly. Let us elaborate a bit.

Prefer carrying clothes that are dark in colour. Shorts or dresses might be a comfortable option. If you are concerned about your makeup, then they need to be waterproof. Besides, a first aid kit is a must during monsoon.

Keep a couple of waterproof bags and a hair dryer to dry your clothes and not just your hair. Some other must-haves for your trip would be a torch, batteries, and a power bank.

  1. Carrying Candle Wax

Wax candles can help keep your shoes clean and safe in monsoon. Just rub the wax candle on your shoes and then move out. This will prevent your shoes from getting spoiled and once you are back, what you can do is clean them with a paper towel. Doing this you will see that they are back to their normal condition.

Isn’t that a great monsoon travel hack?!

  1. Stay Updated

It is highly essential to stay updated on the weather conditions and watch out for possible landslides, flooding, etc. Sure, heavy rain is enjoyable but can lead to serious consequences if proper precautions are not taken. Keep an eye on the news and weather reports wherever you are going.

10 Quick Travel Tips in Monsoon

Here are some extra things to take and look out for when travelling in the rainy season:

  1. Carry synthetic clothes
  2. Ultralight raincoat
  3. Plastic ziplock
  4. Insect repellent
  5. Drive slow
  6. Waterproof flashlight
  7. Waterproof speakers and earphones
  8. Extra pair of clothes/shoes/socks
  9. Emergency snacks
  10. Pack some games

Concluding Note

Most people do not want the different seasons to hinder their travel plans. Monsoon can be one of the best seasons to travel to some places. When you have the right backpack and essential monsoon travel equipment, you are about to enjoy the rain shower to the fullest.

A great trip during the monsoon season is surely picturesque and exciting. However, it does have its own pros and cons and dos and don’ts. Travelling in the rainy seasons can be blissful and troublesome, so you need to abide by these tips and measures to stay safe and make it memorable.

Tell us about your travel plans, we’d love to know your travel list too!

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