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5 Most Underrated Holiday Destinations in India

underrated places in India

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Places like Goa, Manali, Munnar, Gangtok, and Rishikesh, have always been on our bucket list. However, India is a land of diversity, surrounded by water on all three sides, with the mighty Himalayas in the North, the Thar desert in the west, and the spellbinding seven sisters in the east.

Do you get a strange feel or nostalgia for the underrated destinations in India you have never known? Everybody seeks a break once in a while from the constant monotony. The lesser-known places have much more to offer than the popular ones, and once you set your foot there, you are in for a great surprise!

Remember that beautiful things come in small packages and never ask for attention. And one thing is for sure India is no short of breathtakingly beautiful travel destinations. A home so lovely and adored by many, we will discover some underrated destinations in India you really need to visit at least once in your life.

Exceptional and Underrated Travel Destinations in India

If you enjoy a little exploration, research, and adventure, you need a list of lesser-known places in India. So, here we have compiled a list for you. Read and book your tickets already!

  1. Majuli in Assam

One of the most surreal places in India, surrounded by a lush green environment, Majuli in Assam is world’s largest river island. What’s more interesting is that Majauli is quite a fit contender for a place in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

The unique and mesmerizing beauty of Majuli is wrapped in the interesting culture, engrossing sunset, and migratory birds, which you can spot easily. Tourists often take home handloom and pottery items.

Numerous lodges, hotels, and guest houses will make your stay in Majuli comfortable. Thus, plan a trip to this underrated destination in India and spend time amidst seclusion and experience serenity.

Things to do in Majuli:

  • Bramhaputra white sand
  • Ferry ride
  • Enjoy Majuli Thali and Rice beer
  • Mask makers village
  • Monastries
  • Sunset
  • Pathorichuk village
  • Samaguri Satra
  1. Champhai in Mizoram

Champhai, popularly known as the rice bowl of Mizoram, is found towards the base of the town. The town is famous for its natural beauty and the vast rice field. The vibrant orchids give tourists an aesthetic feel every time they visit the town.

The charming place is unlike any other destination in the country. The ancient monuments greatly depict the rich history of the tribes there.

Shopping can be rewarding in Champhai because of the Indo-Myanmar trade being conducted. Tourists can successfully end their day buying souvenirs from the local market.

Things to do in Champhai:

  • Rih Dil
  • Murlen National Park
  • Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mura Puk
  • Thasiama Seno Neihna
  • Lamsial Puk
  • Palak Wildlife Sanctuary
  1. Lepchajagat in West Bengal

Taking third place in our list of underrated destinations in India is Lepchajagat in West Bengal, which is 19 km away from Darjeeling. No doubt, Lepchajagat has a charm of its own. It is located at an altitude of 6956 feet amidst the oak trees and rhododendron forest. 

When visiting this serene location, you can view the pictorial Mount Kanchenjunga, which never fails to give you goosebumps. One thing is for sure, this sparsely populated town is so much more than you can imagine! If you are looking for solitude, a place away from the hustle-bustle, Lepchajagat is a safe haven.

Things to do in Lepchajagat:

  • Ghoom Rock
  • Sukhia
  • Kurseong
  • Jorepokhri
  • Pashupati Nagar Market
  • Mirik
  • Ghoom Monastery
  • Manebhanjan
  • Tiger Hill
  1. Valparai in Tamil Nadu

Find yourself surrounded by tea gardens, dams, and waterfalls in one of the most underrated destinations in India, Valparai in Tamil Nadu. Located 1500m above sea level, Valparai is a tranquil hill station one ought to visit in Anamalai Hills.

Retaining pleasant weather throughout the year, the best time to visit, however, is between October to May. Since monsoons are charming but trekking could be difficult and dangerous.

Your trip to Valparai is incomplete without shopping. From The Spice Market, tourists often take home the special tea and spices.

Things to do in Valparai:

  • Nallamudi Viewpoint
  • Chinnakallar Falls
  • Karumalai Balaji Temple
  • Grass Hills
  • Kuzhankal River View
  • Karumalai Annai Velankanni Church
  • Nirar Dam
  • Pollachi
  • Monkey Falls, Near Pollachi
  • Hornbill Viewpoint
  • Manampalli Forest
  • Loams Viewpoint
  1. Bangaram Island in Lakshadweep

A teardrop-shaped island Bangaram Island encompasses an area of 120 acres surrounded by a beautiful lagoon enclosed by coral reefs. The enchanting island is beyond explanation and a treat for the eyes.

Tourists are charmed by the shine of the coral sands and the pristine beach, offering a few adventure sports. If you are an adventure sports junkie, Bangaram Island is just for you. You can go scuba diving, kayaking, and snorkelling. 

Bangaram Island is just 400 km from Kochi. Experience the special Keralite cuisine and enjoy your stay in the amazing and affordable beach resorts. In addition, do not miss out on the beach glow at night, the blue lights lit up the beaches in the nighttime because of the presence of phytoplankton, some aquatic creatures and algae in the water.

The experience is worth a lifetime, so make sure you list down Bangaram Island in the list of your underrated destinations in India to visit.

Things to do on Bangaram Island:

  • Watch sunsets
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Kayaking
  • Agatti Island
  • Lagoon Beach
  • Tinnakara
  • Minicoy

Concluding Note

There’s no shortage of underrated places in India. This list is just a starter pack for the newbies, thrilled to face their adventurous side. There are too many surprises waiting for you on the other side of 9-5 busy work schedule of yours.

Have you visited some offbeat places recently? We’d love to hear from you!

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