5 Spectacular Monsoon Destinations in India

malshej ghat

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A plate full of steamed momos or a cup of hot tea by the road or in a vintage tea shop, everything seems delightful during a rainy day.

Monsoon in India, something we’ve been writing essays on since childhood, remember? Who knew we’d grow up from making paper airplanes to boarding one and taking off to visit some of the incredible places in India during the monsoon season?!

We can’t emphasize much, but monsoon can be one of the best seasons to explore and experience some breathtakingly beautiful places in the country. A season when our elders asked us to stay indoors, some of the traveling enthusiasts remain in a vacay mode. And why not? Have you ever planned a trip during this time of the year? If not, you’re missing out on one hell of an experience!

We’re listing down the five most beautiful places in India you should visit during the monsoon season.

5 Most Beautiful Places in India to visit during Monsoon

1. Ziro Valley

Pleasant all around the year, Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh can be the perfect spot for you this monsoon season. One of the oldest towns and the least known one, Ziro Valley, is a fascinating place to explore. The pine hills also have trekking trails, so add that to your list.

The mild rain won’t stop! Ziro is a wonderland for travel enthusiasts. With its charming dense forest covered with flora and fauna, the place is surrounded by two mountain ranges on either side. When visiting, you can see the mesmerizing Patkai range and the Himalayan range.

Top highlights of Ziro:

  • Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kile Pakho
  • Dolo Mando – Trekking
  • Meghna Cave Temple
  • Bamboo Grove

Monsoon temperature: 21°C to 25°C

2. Goa

Believe it or not, Goa is adventurous during the monsoon! The cloudy and rainy Goa will make you fall in love with the season.

Well, let us reveal to you that Goa during the monsoon is almost EMPTY! The coasts, which are accustomed to tourists, will look like empty playgrounds. Sure, a few beaches do not allow tourists during this season due to high tide, but you can relax in the shacks of some of the best and the main beaches in Goa.

We are listing down ten reasons for you to visit Goa during the monsoon season.

  • Travel is particularly cheap
  • You’ll find discounted accommodation
  • Free from the CROWD!
  • Enjoyable scooter ride
  • Fabulous Goan cuisines to try
  • Visit the Dudhsagar falls
  • Sure it sends a romantic vibe
  • Make the most of safari tours
  • Incredible nightlife!
  • Fun-filled river cruise

Monsoon temperature: 24°C to 30°C

3. Chail, Himachal Pradesh

Do you love the silence of the mountains? Now think how cozy can it get during the monsoon? Chail in Himachal Pradesh won’t spare you from discovering your poetic side. The picture-perfect Chail in the rainy season is a green luxurious beauty. Time stops and holds you closer to your heart.

If you are a monsoon lover, Chail won’t disappoint you. The town experiences heavenly showers from June to early September. But you have to beware of landslides during this time of the year.

The numbing drops are so endearing to watch from the glass panes of your homestay. You must take care of the elderly or young ones if they are traveling with you during this season.

The serene beauty will surely captivate you down every lane.

Top highlights of Chail:

  • Sadhupal Lake
  • Chail Palace
  • Chail Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Himalayan Nature Park
  • Folk Dance
  • Lovers Hill

Monsoon temperature: 13ºC to 27ºC

4. Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

This goes without saying! Cherrapunji in Meghalaya is the wettest place in the country and has received the highest recorded rainfall in the entire world! So, what better season to visit this place than monsoon?

The picturesque view of ‘Sohra‘, what the natives call Cherrapunji, will definitely melt your heart. The pristine beauty is located at the heart of Meghalaya in northeast India.

It’s a must-visit during monsoon season in order to witness the spellbinding mountains and cozy weather.

Top highlights of Cherrapunji:

  • Double Decker Living Root Bridges
  • Mawsynram Village
  • Wakaba Falls
  • Nohkalikai Waterfalls
  • Arwah Caves
  • Khasi Monoliths
  • Dawki
  • Mawkdok Dympep Valley View
  • Kynrem Falls

Monsoon temperature: 12°C to 16°C

5. Sahyadris

Imagine a foggy trail vanishing into the clouds, a lush green carpet, waterfalls, caves, and forts. Pack your bags because we are exporting you to Sahyadris to experience the beauty of the monsoon. Home to rocky mountains, Sahyadris, or the ‘Mountain of Patience’, is situated in the western ghat region.

One can take popular routes, like the Mumbai-Pune highway for an unparalleled trekking experience during the monsoon season. If you are a beginner, you will surely relish the hike to Bhimashankar.

Some of the essentials to pack during the visit are rain gear, good-quality shoes, and take the help of a local guide.

Some natural attractions in Sahyadris:

  • Bhimashankar Forest
  • Matheran Hill
  • Malshej Ghat
  • Kalsubai Peak
  • Sandhan Valley
  • Thoseghar Waterfall
  • Amboli Rainfall

Monsoon temperature: 12°C to 16°C

In Conclusion

In India, rain is magical. Listed above are some places you can enjoy for sightseeing, adventure, and relaxation amidst the light rain, gentle wind, and the smell of the Earth.

If you’ve already been to one of these places (or somewhere else) during the monsoon season, share your experience with us because we love hearing stories!


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