10 Fun Things To Do At The Dubai Creek

Fun things at Dubai Creek

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The Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek located in Dubai. Called Khor Dubai in Arabic, it once reached all the way to RasAlKhor Wildlife Sanctuary. Today it extends across the Persian Gulf and is connected to the new Dubai canal. You and your family can enjoy many water sports and activities on these bodies of water. Read on to find out the 10 fun things to do at the Dubai Creek. 

Take A Stroll

Dubai Creek
Photo by Sanjeev K.K.(Wikicommons)

If you’re visiting when the weather is enjoyable, taking a stroll down the Dubai Creek is perfect because it has an ideal walking path that is 14 kilometers in length. As you walk you’ll be able to enjoy the different souks, shops, restaurants and street performances along the way. Sometimes they even have firework shows! As you walk you’ll see it transform from Old Dubai into some more modern areas.  

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame
Image by Kamil Żywolewski from Pixabay

You can find the Dubai Frame when you’re looking for things to do at the Dubai Creek. It’s a remarkable landmark designed to impress by the architects that designed it. It’s known for being the biggest picture from ever and that means that you and your loved ones will be able to take amazing photographs that you’ll always remember. The past, present and future of Dubai will take place right before your eyes and you’ll be offered a piece of history. If you’re afraid of heights the glass floor might make your heart jump!  

Watch The Sunset

Dubai Creek Sunset
“Dubai Creek 063” by Britrob is licensed under CC BY 2.0

An overlooked and underestimated activity to be sure, watching the sunset when you find yourself close to the Dubai Creek is a wonderful event. It has been said that the sunset in this particular place is unlike anywhere else in the world. You can watch it from anywhere and you also have many dining options where you can sit down for a meal or a cup of coffee and truly enjoy the view. 

Dubai Dolphinarium 

“File:Dolphin show at Dubai dolphinarium, September 2012.jpg” by Georgekurian80823 is licensed under CC BY 3.0

When looking for things to do at the Dubai Creek, you won’t be disappointed to know that dolphins are part of the package. Did you know that the Dubai Dolphinarium is the first temperature controlled indoor venue of it’s kind in the Middle East? This allows the animals as well as the tourists to be comfortable and protected from the desert heat on the outside. Get your tickets for the Dolphin and Seal Show, the Creek Park Exotic Bird Show or take this opportunity to get in the water and swim side by side with the dolphins! 

Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise

Image Source: Shahana Shamsuddin (WikiComons)

It goes without saying that you can’t spend your time doing things at the Dubai Creek without going on a traditional dhow cruise. Fun is what it’s all about when you decide to go for a cruise along the Deira Creek on one of these traditional wooden boats called Dhows. You’ll be taken to see the views of Old Dubai and take in the history and tradition when you pass by the sites and souks. You will be served an international buffet dinner with a Tanura dance as the entertaining performance of the night.  

iFly Dubai Indoor Skydiving

“Dubai” by Roller Coaster Philosophy is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you have jumping out of a plane on your bucket list but are not sure if you’ll ever be able to do it, this might just be the place for you. At iFly Dubai Indoor Skydiving you’ll be able to experience the thrill of skydiving but with the luxury of being indoors and in a controlled environment. Safety is their first priority and they’ve made sure to take all the precautions to enhance your visit. Each flight lasts about a minute and you can purchase a package that gives you 2 flights to add to your excitement.   

Museum of Illusions Dubai

Museum of Illusions Dubai is a cozy museum with a family-oriented atmosphere. Come one and come all into the house of optical illusions, puzzles, and other thrilling games to play. Your kids will love the challenges that they will be presented with. Don’t be surprised when you see your kids engaged for hours at a time when you visit the Museum of Illusions Dubai. Their crucial thinking skills will be fired up and ready to go especially with their group of friends and family. Some of the exhibits at the Museum of Illusions Dubai include the Vortex Tunnel, Ames Room, The Up Side Down Room, and The Chair Illusion. There won’t be anymore boring museum outings once you bring your family here!  

Spice Souks

Meander down the narrow alleyways displaying all the different spices that are for sale. Let your eyes and sense of smell guide you as the aroma and colorful displays attract your attention. Located near the Gold Souk, get ready for a bargain when you see all that this souk has to offer. Select spices are sold here from Saffron, Cinnamon and Turmeric that you’ll definitely want to stock up on and take back home.  

The Dubai Museum 

Another attraction near by is the Dubai Museum where you’ll be able to take in a bit of history and explore some of the Old Town avenues along with the Al Fahidi District. You’ll be able to have a real grasp of what the area and the people were like in the past. This museum displays life-sized dioramas that represent what the Emirati life was like for the average person long ago. They also give you a comprehensive idea through traditional scenes of Arab households, souks, mosques and other parts of their past heritage. 

Al Bastakiya Heritage District

Image by jensimon7

To complete your tour of fun things to do at the Dubai Creek, make your way to Al Bastakiya Heritage District. A wondrous neighborhood filled with cultural artifacts that will leave you with a real sense of a preserved past. Explore the traditional Arabic houses and courtyards that still represent the history of this place even after being renovated and maintained. As you walk around you’ll see art galleries, museums, cafes, shops, and places to purchase Arab art. 

Featured Image: Image by Rimaz Rauf from Pixabay


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