7 Travel Tips to Make Your Trip Surely One for the Books!

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Traveling is one of the ways to make the most out of life. There are many things you get to see, experience and learn, and you acquire them in a way that only traveling can do. Being out there, outside of your comfort zone, takes you to higher levels of excitement and exploration. A bucket of knowledge and worthwhile encounters get added to what you already have. 

People think that every trip is just the same, and that they are just meant to leave the house and spend money. However, trips are diverse. Each is colorful in its own way, and no second gets ever repeated, and that makes moments extra special. Actually, the beauty of your trips also lies in how you plan, prepare and act on them. Your ideas and effort count! Every piece completes a whole trip you will either forget easily or remember quickly!

Now, if you aim to spend a memorably wonderful trip that will not slip away from your heart, do something. Take note of the friendly points from the list below. Here are 7 travel tips to make your trip surely one for the books!

1 – Visit places you’ve never been to.

Image by Taryn Elliott

The best place to create new memories is a place you have never been to before. It’s foreign to you, even if it’s a local travel destination. You have never seen it before you go there this time, so it’s definitely going to be a fresh kind of fascination. Visit places you want to go to, places you are curious about, places you just see in photos.

They are totally new to you, so you might feel hesitant, afraid or confused at first, but taking on such a fresh face (of a place) is going to be exciting and awesome! Except for those you already see posted online, you will never know what fantastic fun awaits! Of course, it’s still best to see and experience the place with your own senses and your own foot standing on their ground.  

Visit places you have never been to. Discover gems you didn’t know exist. 

2 – Taste foods you’ve never tried before.

Image by Lorena Grace

Food is one of the major memory-making parts of traveling. A trip is incomplete without tasty and drool-worthy dishes. Make the foodie tour more unforgettable by tasting foods you have never tried before. 

Check out the locals’ favorites. There’s always a golden reason why they are top-notch and well-known in town. Absolutely, they are also considered the pride of their places when it comes to food and delicacies. As you try those local foods that also come with colorful historical backgrounds and extraordinary recipes, you will enjoy not only the taste but also the experience and the essence. 

You might find your new travel favorites as you explore wide-ranging types of food and styles of cooking. What makes them even more appealing and fascinating is the fact that many of them cannot be found elsewhere but only in their places of origin. And if you ever find them in other cities, countries or tourist destinations, they will not be exactly the same as the original ones.

3 – Be spontaneous.

Image by Alfonso Escalante

It’s not the perfect setting for a trip, but you can also try it for something new and unexpected! Be spontaneous. Spontaneous trips are unplanned; they just happen freely. You are there, and that’s where and when you “plan” and think of everything you want to do. 

Note that spontaneous trips are not for everybody because you might get disoriented and puzzled since there are no plans, no preparations, no certain expectations – if you are not used to such trips, you might have a hard time executing and enjoying that trip. 

Nonetheless, spontaneous trips can bring out the best, most exceptional and most eventful experiences. If you’re ready for being unready, then go for sponty! 

4 – Travel with your loved ones.

Image by Kampus Production

The quality of your trip is affected by who you travel with too. Travel with people you love, people that make you like yourself better when you’re with them. Travel with family, with friends, with people you’d love to spend the best days of your life with – out of town! You will be bagging home priceless memories that not only you will remember! 

Group travel is advantageous in many ways. You can distribute travel expenses among all travel participants. You have companions to do travel chores with. Your trip ideas will be made more creative and cool with other people’s ideas added to them. Enjoying trips with people you enjoy your time with is precious!

5 – Travel solo.

Image by Malte Luk

Opposite to traveling with a group, traveling solo is another great way to have a noteworthy trip! Being alone on a trip has upsides, too, and it’s not simply what others think it is (lonely and boring). Being alone means you have all your time for yourself. You have the whole bed in the hotel accommodation all for yourself. It’s a “me time” trip that will give you freedom in many ways. 

Traveling solo is peaceful. If you are aiming to regain peace of mind and peace inside your chest, traveling alone can help you refresh and restart. You can learn more about yourself as well, and unravel greater versions of yourself. Sometimes, you are too concerned about other people’s well-being while forgetting yours. Traveling solo can be a self-care time for you, and there’s nothing like it! 

6 – Tick off something from your travel bucket list.

Image by Pixabay

Needless to say, travel achievements make trips absolutely historic! It’s impossible for them to be forgotten. Tick off something from your travel bucket list. Cross out something you have been wanting to try and do for a long time already! The sense of fulfillment after checking it out of your list is incomparable! 

7 – Conquer your fears through extreme adventures.

Image by Carlos Ruiz

This could be somehow part of your travel bucket list, but it could also be not because more often than not, people avoid this. How about taking on those challenges that make your knees go weak! Take them at your own risk, but conquering your fears through extreme adventures will surely keep that memory tattooed in your mind forever! 

You will be so proud of yourself after doing something you’ve never done before! And that trip will definitely be momentous! 


Going on a trip opens up big doors of opportunities for you to relax, have fun, and discover! In reality, traveling is a luxury – both in terms of finances and of time. The latter is because even many of those who can afford traveling cannot do so because they are too busy to travel, or they have other priorities beyond leisure trips.

That’s why when you get a hold of that golden chance to see the world from a different angle, through traveling, see to it that it becomes your best day yet!


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