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Khirai-Bengal’s Valley of Flower

khirai flower valley

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Earth is full of scenic sites, but its quite difficult to imagine it. The earth laughs in flowers. If you have got bored with your daily busy working life and want to relax, Khirai is a great option. A day is enough to visit this place from Kolkata.

How to reach Khirai Flower Valley?

Khirai is a small village in North Mednipir district near Panskura in West Bengal. The village basically depends upon the flower cultivation. The village has also a railway station on the Howrah Kharagpur railway line. Khirai station comes after Panskura railway station if you are going from Howrah and if you are going from Kharagpur the station comes after Haur.

The suburban train takes around 2hrs to reach Khirai station from Howrah.

After getting down at the station, you can look for the location in Google Map. However, there is a shorter way. There is a small space/ road beside the railway line that passes through platform no 3. After getting down from the train you need to start walking towards Panskura.

After walking for 10 to 15 minutes, you will notice a railway bridge. Just before the bridge, you will see some steps on right-hand side.

On getting down, you will get to see the Khirai flower valley. The valley is situated on the bank of the river Kangsabati.

If you are going by car, take NH12(Mumbai Kolkata Highway) from Kolkata to reach Khirai. After crossing Khirai river bridge, you will come across a petrol pump, from their take left turn. Keep on moving on the road till you reach the base of the railway bridge of Kangsabari river.

Well, Google map will provide a much better navigation.

Khirai Flower Valley

The flower valley is spread across a huge area, it mainly consists of Yellow and Orange Marriegold, Aster Flower,

This is not the only land where flower farming is done. The chrysanths (Chandramallika flower) garden is a bit away from the Khirai station. After seeing the first garden, walk back to the path from where you have come, but don’t get up the slope. Instead; walk under the railway bridge, you will see a small footbridge made with stones. Cross the river Khirai and walk towards left. There are few Toto rickshaw(e-rickshaw) available, you can take those or just walk for 10 minutes to reach chandramallika flower garden.

Well being a small village there are no place to eat, so if you are planning to stay here for some hours I recommend bringing your own food. Since this beautiful garden doesn’t have any entry fee, so you can buy few flowers from the local gardeners, which will also help them.

Summing up

There are many different varieties of flower present in the valley. I was able to get a glimpse of a few of them, as it all depends on the season. A small trip to this place will help you destress yourself from every day hustle of the city life, spending a day here is a very good option.


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