K-Pop Fan Culture: What’s A Cup Sleeve Event?

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K-pop is one of the biggest and most influential industries today. It has been existing for a long time and thriving for quite a long while, as well, and it has gotten bigger in all fairness. While non fans see K-pop only as a field of music and dance, real fans know that it goes beyond that. It also houses a culture, and in it, one of the popular things, which mostly, only the realest K-pop fans are aware of, is the cupsleeve event. 

For non fans and new fans out there, here’s a sneak peek to the existence of these K-pop fan events. What’s a cupsleeve event? Read on. 

1 – A cup sleeve event is called so because of actual cup sleeves.

It can be called something else, but a cup sleeve event is called so because of actual cup sleeves. The main item that fans provide for other fans and use during this event are cup sleeves. Yes, those you use to cover the body of your cup when drinking coffee or tea. 

However, these cup sleeves are not any other. They are limited edition, custom-made cup sleeves designed by the fans themselves or by a graphic designer they hire. The sleeves display the faces of the artists for which the event is made for. They are truly cute and pretty, so many fans cannot resist but to grab one or more for themselves! 

2 – Fans do a cup sleeve event for their fave’s special day.

The real and main reason why fans do a cup sleeve event is to celebrate their favorites’ special day. Most often, birthdays are the reason why these events are created. Every birthday, an artist may have several cup sleeve events around the world, and they are all hosted by their dearest fans. Other reasons could be their debut anniversary, their fans’ day, or their exemplary achievements as artists.

3 – Fans gather to eat and have fun together.

Just like in celebrating a friend’s birthday, fans gather in a cup sleeve event to eat, drink and have fun together. The organizers, who are also fans, prepare awesome games, raffle prizes, gifts and also surprises for the fellow fans who attend and partake in the occasion. 

A cup sleeve event is a great way for fans to meet other fans and make new friends. It’s a social gathering of the fans of the same artist. If you think that you are the only fan of that artist you are following, in a cup sleeve event, you will discover even more that there are so many of you out there! 

4 – It’s open to all fans but not free of charge. 

As long as you are a fan of the artists for which a specific cup sleeve event is held for, you can pop in for a visit. It’s open to all fans, but take note that it’s not free of charge. 

Some of these events have pre-registration requirements that usually happen online, weeks before D-DAY. That entails advanced payment as well. Some allow walk-ins, but then again, you have to pay. Pay for what? For the drinks, cup sleeves, event inclusions and more. They are not really very expensive, plus might receive very nice freebies from fellow fans, too! 

5 – Cup sleeve events are also well-known in South Korea.

Cup sleeve events are arranged by many international fans outside of Korea, but little do many know, they are also well-known in South Korea. It actually began there, especially considering that personalized coffee and food trucks are a thing in the industry.

There are also times when the celebrity management company of the artists themselves set a cup sleeve event for the fans. They are announced, so fans can attend and get a chance to meet their idols as well. 

6 – Some K-pop artists attend the events prepared by their fans. 

It will be one of the best days of your fangirling life if your favorite artists attend the cup sleeve party you have thrown for them. You will feel ecstatic even when you are simply attending a cup sleeve birthday event for your K-pop fave, then he arrives in it, too, while you are there. Surreal! 

Some K-pop artists attend the events prepared by their fans for them. Such happens only in South Korea, needless to say. There are celebs who let fans know beforehand, but most of the time, these stars surprise fans. The surprise allows them and the place to have more peace and privacy and to stun the hearts of their beloved fans who have not expected them to come at all!



Fans work hard to show their love to their favorite artists. Among the many ways they do that is by celebrating their significant dates and milestones even while they are miles apart from each other. A cup sleeve event is an extraordinary day that aims to do that. It’s a unique part of the K-pop fan culture, and it’s just sweet and touching for artists to know that their fans remember and make an effort to let everyone know that it’s their favorite idols’ noteworthy

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