Part 2: 3 Exhilarating Adventure Activities to Experience in India

Sea walking in Andaman

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Are you planning on taking a memorable journey through the diverse landscapes?

Both adrenaline junkies and nature enthusiasts can find their ultimate thrill in India! Right from towering mountains to lush forests and mesmerizing coastlines, the country offers a list of exciting and exhilarating activities that promise to ignite adventure!

Together, let’s discover some of these heart-pounding adventure activities that will leave you breathless and craving more!

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1. Glamping

Glamping in India is the epitome of luxury and nature’s beauty! Get ready to discover a blend of glamour and camping as you immerse yourself in lavish camps set against the backdrop of India’s most stunning landscapes!

Whether it’s the peaceful deserts of Rajasthan, the forests of the Western Ghats, or the tranquil shores of Goa, this adventure activity provides you with a unique and unforgettable way to connect with blissful nature while enjoying the comforts of luxurious camps.

Glamping allows you to elevate your travel experience and create lasting memories with your loved ones!

Here are five glamping destinations in India-

i. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh:

Wildlife adventure with luxury? Does it sound odd?

Well, in Bandhavgarh, you can camp in luxury near the tiger-inhabited landscapes. The spot offers a chance to spot magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Now, isn’t that thrilling?!

ii. Wayanad, Kerala:

Set between the lush Western Ghats, Wayanad offers glamping in pristine forested regions. Once here, you get to experience the wonderful local culture, explore tea and spice plantations, and dwell in the lap of beautiful nature.

iii. Thar Desert, Rajasthan:

Ready to unwind in luxurious desert camps amidst the golden sands of the Thar Desert? What better than that? You can indulge in gourmet dining, and marvel at the starlit skies!

iv. Pushkar, Rajasthan:

This one is a popular destination for clamping. Enjoy a beautiful glamping experience during the Pushkar Camel Fair. You get to stay in lavish tents, witness the vibrant festivities, and discover the cultural richness of the town.

Ready to take off yet?

v. Goa:

Enjoy coastal glamping in Goa!

You can experience grand beachfront camps and access the breathtaking beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage of this popular destination.

The thrill of glamping in these diverse locations across India would be unforgettable, where nature’s beauty and lavish accommodations combine to create a memorable experience.

2. Sea Walking

Have you ever heard of Sea Walking as an adventure activity? If not, let us take you and we are sure you’re about to marvel!

Sea walking also known as underwater walking is slowly gaining popularity. A purely water-based activity, sea walking allows you to walk on the ocean floor while wearing a specialized helmet for air supply.

What’s best is this activity is for people of all ages and doesn’t require any scuba diving or snorkeling experience. What better than that?

Here are five major sea-walking destinations in India:

i. Goa:

Goa is full of surprises!

Due to its vibrant tourism industry and beautiful coastline, Goa has also started offering sea walking adventure activities on some of its beaches.

ii. Netrani Island, Karnataka:

The second one on the list is situated off the coast of Karnataka, Netrani Island, which is another great location for sea walking. This island is known for its coral reefs and marine biodiversity, which is worth the experience!

iii. Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

Havelock Island in the Andaman offers sea walking experiences. The clear waters and marine life make Andaman and Nicobar Islands a great location for sea walking activities.

iv. Lakshadweep Islands:

Another major destination for sea walking is the Lakshadweep Islands. The destination offers tourists a chance to discover stunning coral reefs and create unforgettable experiences.

v. Tarkarli, Maharashtra:

Tarkarli, located along the Konkan coast, is known for its peaceful and divine beaches and clean waters. You can experience sea walking here and explore the underwater beauty as well!

3. Flying Fox Adventure

Heard of Flying Fox, an adventure activity in India? Let us take you on our final adventure activity to explore in the country.

In flying fox, individuals are harnessed to a steel cable and glide from one point to another, often across breathtaking natural landscapes. It provides a thrilling experience and an awesome way to enjoy the scenery from an elevation.

Flying fox adventures involve ziplining across various terrains, including valleys, rivers, and forests.

Several locations in India offer flying fox adventure experiences. They are-

i. Mussoorie, Uttarakhand:

Mussoorie in Uttarakhand, a captivating paradise for travelers offers an amazing flying fox across lush valleys and stunning mountain views.

ii. Neemrana, Rajasthan:

Famous for flying fox activity, Neemrana Fort in Rajasthan provides breathtaking views of the historic fort and the surrounding landscape.

iii. Jodhpur, Rajasthan:

Another fort offering a flying fox experience is Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. You get a panoramic view of the magnificent fort and the city.

iv. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand:

Rishikesh, the adventure capital of India, offers various outdoor activities including ziplining. You can experience flying fox activity over the Ganges River.

v. Kerwa Dam, Bhopal:

Kerwa Dam in Madhya Pradesh offers the flying fox experience passing over the serene waters of the dam.

In Conclusion

The thrilling adventure activities, like glamping, sea walking, and flying fox adventures in India offer an adrenaline rush amidst nature’s beauty!

From the tranquil deserts of Rajasthan to the lush forests of Kerala and the vibrant beaches of Goa, each spot provides a beautiful adventure.

As you explore these exhilarating journeys, India promises a tapestry of sensations that will leave you inspired and yearning for more, forever etching these moments in your soul!

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