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My Review about Houseboats in Alleppey

Kerala Houseboat review

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Alleppey is also known as Venice of the east due to the clear backwaters. They are beautiful, jaw dropping and awe-inspiring. You can find more than 800 houseboats in the Alleppey backwaters. These houseboat is the main attractions in Alleppey. Here they have vairiety of packages and some amazing deals which you can’t say no to. Luckily I got an amazing package from Tours in India. They provide multiple night stays with sea foods and much more which no one can forget.

Like I mentioned earlier there are more than 800 houseboats which are registered under Kerala tourism. Alleppey Houseboats are updated versions of Kettuvallam boats which are about 80-foot-long. These floating homes are available for rent. The charges of Houseboats vary according to the size and quality. You can choose your package based on your budget. I stayed on a houseboat which was available in a package of र30,000. The bedroom had AC, TV and an attached bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. There was a big kitchen with top chefs who provided some amazing and yummy kerala style seafood which were very tempting. 

I arrived at the port in Alleppey for check-in, which is usually at noon, I suggest not to bring heavy luggage unless you are staying for multiple nights. The amount you pay for your package covers all the meals and activities that you would do in your houseboat

The Alleppey houseboat trip will give you a feel of luxury. They will welcome you with tasty coconut water. You will cruise the backwaters at about four to six hours until 6 p.m.

I recommend a cruise land houseboat which has three bedrooms that can accommodate six people. In my houseboat, the entire crew were friendly and took care of everything

You can easily book and stay on houseboats with Tours in India who provide amazing packages at a reasonable price which will be budget friendly.

My Food Experience

As a hard core foodie, one of the main things I was looking forward to was eating authentic Kerala Cuisine. Trust me you will never be disappointed with the variety of seafood dishes. The chef brought me a plate of fresh coconut meat which was an amazing snack that helped to ease my cravings. For lunch they were completely packed with rice, mixed vegetables, river fish, sambar, cabbage, karimeen pollichathu, etc. The aroma and the tenderness of the meat makes you forget your strict diet. The river fish was so soft and tender with amazing flavours. I highly recommend the kingfish steaks which gave a wow effect to our taste buds. They provide an amazing dessert called payasam which helps to smoothen yourself. Late afternoon they provide us different varieties of south indian snacks . 

For dinner it was like a sea food festival. We enjoyed fried tiger prawns marinated in with different spices with chapati. Along with that, they provided chicken curry, King fish and karimeen curry along with soft chapati. 

The very next day for breakfast, they gave us dosas, sambar, coconut chutney, and omelette

My Activities on Houseboat

Kerala Houseboat Activities,
Photo by kyran low on Unsplash

In my one-day houseboat in Alleppey experience, fishing and Canoe rides was one of my favourite. On my way we passed across lots of small villages where you can see people going for fishing in canoe and even small kids are travelling in canoe and the smile that they gave was something special. We visited Karumadikuttan temple. Karumadikuttan temple is famous for the Buddha statue known as . Then I went to champakulam valia palli which was a 1500 years old church. Then visited canalside convenience stores which was one of the best places where you can buy freshly caught sea fishes. One of the greatest joys you can experience while renting a houseboat in alleppey was the sunrise and sunset between 6p.m. and 8:30 a.m., you can take a canoe ride and watch it live which is an exquisite experience. During the canoe ride you can see lot of traditional and modern style houses in those areas. 

Summing Up

It was an amazing experience under a friendly budget. After having my breakfast by 8 a.m. we cruise back to check out form our beautiful houseboat and we left at 9 a.m. and stepped out with full of memories and happiness.

Featured Image: Photo by Abhishek Prasad on Unsplash


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