By Nitya Jain

5 best places for solo trip

A paradise for history enthusiasts, Hampi has somewhat 500 ancient monuments, and it is famous for its beautifully carved temples.

1. Hampi

The enthralling place will let you dwell in the views of snow-capped mountains and lush tea gardens. The colonial architectural mansions and the churches will keep you wrapped in their charm.

2. Darjeeling

For scenic beauty and peace of mind, Lahaul is awaiting your visit. Ensure that this pristine place is definitely checked off your bucket list.

3. Lahaul

A great place to hit a pause button to life, Varkala is an easy escape from the city crowds where the beaches are clean and quiet.

4. Varkala

Ladakh is known for its captivating landscape, rugged valleys, and turquoise lakes will offer you breathtaking scenery that would never leave your mind.

5. Ladakh