Fantasy Series to Binge-Watch

Nitya Jain


Game of Thrones

A series about the thrill of political intrigue and the complexity of human nature.

Image Source: HBO

The Witcher

A series not just about slaying monsters (although there’s plenty of that, don’t worry!). It’s also packed with complex characters and jaw-dropping actions.

Image Source: Netflix

Lord of the Rings

‘Lord of the Rings’ is filled with adventure, friendship, and epic battles.

Image Source: Amazon Prime

His Dark Materials

A series which isn't just about fantastical creatures and magical realms, it’s also about friendship, courage, and the struggle between good and evil.

Image Source: BBC One

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series has enchanted readers of all ages around the globe. With its mix of friendship, adventure, and, of course, magic.

Image Source: HBO Max

Image by Erik Mclean on Unsplash